Maxxair – Tangible Upgrades Customers Can See and Feel

If RV interiors aren’t comfortable, they’re not enjoyable – and that’s not the experience we want to build for campers. We want to elevate the RV experience for all. That includes helping our OEM partners create RV concepts with the best in ventilation. Better ventilation means more comfortable RVs with cleaner air, and that results in happier campers who are more likely to return to our brands again and again.

Contact the Maxxair Sales Staff to Discuss the Benefits of Maxxair Products Including:

  • High-powered rooftop and sidewall fans with industry-exclusive features aftermarket customers want like built-in rain shields
  • Low profile fans and mini air vents for air flow in all parts of a motorhome
  • All weather fans and vent covers to extend usability and longevity of individual ventilation components
  • RV skylights to add natural light and air flow
  • Ventilation solutions for RV bathrooms, gallies/kitchens, bedrooms, and interior living spaces